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Theatre With At-Risk and Underserved Populations

All The World's A Stage is proud to stand out from other arts organizations by offering more than just entertainment. In partnership with educational and community officials, we offer a myriad of arts education programs. Developed in the philosophy that skills specific to the art form contribute to an individuals educational, social, and aesthetic growth and development, these programs are designed to address the goals of our partners through a theatre arts integration process. Stemming directly from our company's mission, we have developed successful programs teaching youth of all abilities to make life skill connections through the magic of theatre. Throughout our history, we have placed an emphasis on partnership development with various community and civic organizations. Whether teaching to theatre as an art discipline, or utilizing the drama processes to achieve therapeutic goals, our programs are designed to instill self-confidence through self-exploration and self-expression.
Our at risk programs have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings, including day treatment, developmentally/learning disabled, substance abuse treatment, and correction/detention facilities. Addressing issues that may be too difficult to face in a more traditional setting, these programs have proven to be effective in the treatment of individuals, and/or families, providing benefits that reduce feelings of isolation, broaden expressions of feelings, experience positive interactions, and develop positive relationships.

Current and Past Community Partners 

Also included: City Mission, Macomb Juvenile Court, Macomb Juvenile Justice Center

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