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All The World's A Stage is a professional theatre arts organization with an emphasis on theatre arts education for youth. Inspired by the passion of his two young daughters, ATWAS was founded by Lou Fazzini in 1986 under the name Macomb Junior Players and Youth Theatre. With the goal of providing young people an avenue for reaching their potential through theatre arts education, ATWAS strives to provide professional opportunities for theatre artists who wish to create a quality theatre experience for community members.  


In 1990, the company was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre arts education organization, increasing arts accessibility to children and families in Southeastern Michigan. In 1997, the company's name was changed to All The World's A Stage to better reflect the myriad of educational and performance oriented programming offered. 


The ATWAS philosophy of “life skill connection through the magic of theatre” was developed from the educational and experiential background of founder and executive director, Lou Fazzini. A retired Probation and Parole Officer for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Lou holds a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master of Theatre Arts with a specialization in Drama/Theatre for the Young. It is his vision that resulted in the evolutionary direction ATWAS has taken.


Each staff artist has contributed significantly to the programming success and recognition of All The World’s A Stage as an arts education leader in Southeastern Michigan. ATWAS continues to expand the opportunites provided for our youth, annually seeking out professional partnerships and arts educators to mentor and shape our young artists. 

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