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Youth Theatre

Experience the region's most professional children's theatre

All The World's A Stage offers a specific program proficiency approach, with each level providing building blocks necessary to create a well rounded individual & performer.  Our sequential curriculum designed program not only provides a solid foundation, but reinforces & expands acting skills over time. 


  • All student participation begins with our workshop classes. It is through our classes that our students learn the process of acting, in preparation for the stage. 


  • Our workshop and Starlight Performance Series provides ATWAS staff an opportunity to observe & know our students for C.A.S.T. considerations.


  • Our C.A.S.T. Company members are responsible for our Family & School Field Trip Performing Arts Series at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts & community touring performances.  Selection for this group is through audition for current workshop students entering 6th grade and above only.  We do not hold open auditions for our C.A.S.T. Performing Arts program.

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