Frozen Jr. Audition Requirements and Materials

All actors will prepare and perform ONE short song selection and ONE short reading from Disney's Frozen Jr. All audition materials are below. You do not need to be memorized, but it does help to be familiar with the pieces. All actors auditioning will also be learning a dance combination at the audition. Please wear clothes/shoes that you will be able to dance in for the audition. 

Before you come to auditions, it would be in your best interest to know the characters from the show. This will give you insight into which readings / musical selections you may want to choose, as well as how you should prepare those. 

Audition Selections

READINGS: Choose ONE character below and open the "reading" pdf. Read ONLY the character's lines you choose from the reading selection. During your reading audition, a staff member will read the other character's lines. 

SINGING: Choose ONE song to perform at the audition from the choices below. and sing ALL parts of the selection (regardless of character listed).  (You will be performing them as a solo with the instrumental track on the day of the audition. Included below are the sheet music, vocal, and instrumental tracks to help you learn the audition materials.) 


* If you are a 3-5th grade girl you must read and sing for either YOUNG ELSA or YOUNG ANNA for your initial audition.*

Young Elsa OR Young Anna

Young Elsa & Anna singing (v).mp3
Young Elsa & Anna singing (I).mp3

Middle Elsa OR Middle Anna

If reading/singing for Middle Elsa or Middle Anna, please sing the "Middle Anna" Song below, but read the "Middle Elsa" lines in the sheet music / script. 


If Singing for Elsa, please sing the 1st audition piece below. However, we would like you to also learn the 2nd piece as you MAY be asked to sing that as well.

Elsa Singing (v).mp3
Elsa Singing (I).mp3
Middle Elsa_Anna song (v).mp3
Middle Elsa_Anna singing (I).mp3
Elsa singing 2 (v).mp3
Elsa sing 2 (I).mp3


Anna Singing (v).mp3
Anna Singing (I).mp3

Kristoff or Sven

If singing for Kristoff or Sven, please sing the whole song below and then read for the specific part you are interested in. 

Kristoff_ Sven singing (v).mp3
Kristoff_Sven singing (I).mp3


Hans singing (v).mp3
Hans Singing (I).mp3


Olaf Singing (v).mp3
Olaf Singing (I).mp3

Bulda / Pabbie

If reading for Bulda or Pabbie, please read both Pabbie and Bulda's lines in this selection and sing the entire song selection, regardless of character listed in the script.

Bulda & Pabbie singing (v).mp3
Bulda & Pabbie singing (I).mp3