Disney's Little Mermaid Jr. Audition Requirements and Materials

All actors will prepare and perform TWO short songs selections and TWO short monologues from Disney's Little Mermaid Jr. All audition materials are below. You do not need to be memorized, but it does help to be familiar with the pieces. All actors auditioning will also be learning a dance combination at the audition. Please wear clothes/shoes that you will be able to dance in for the audition. 

Before you come to auditions, it would be in your best interest to know the characters from the show. This will give you insight into which monologues you may want to choose, as well as how you should prepare your monologues. 

Choose two monologues to perform at the audition from the choices in the document below:

Choose two songs to perform at the audition from the choices below. 

You will be performing them as a solo with the instrumental track on the day of the audition. Included below are the sheet music, vocal, and instrumental tracks to help you learn the audition materials. 

Audition Music - Poor Unfortunate Souls
Audition Music - Poor Unfortunate Souls
Part of Your World (vocal).mp3
Part of Your World (inst).mp3
Flounder - She's in Love (vocal).mp3
Flounder - She's in Love (inst).mp3
Kiss The Girl (vocal).mp3
Kiss The Girl (inst).mp3
One Step Closer (v).mp3
One Step Closer (I).mp3
Human Stuff (vocal).mp3
Human Stuff (instrumental).mp3
Mersister - she's in love (vocal).mp3
Mersister - she's in Love (inst).mp3
Les Poissons (vocal).mp3
Les Poissons (inst).mp3